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Sabine Schoellhorn

Thank you so much for visiting my page. It’s nice to meet you here.

Fifteen years ago, I embarked on a journey to Japan and since that time, I have called this country home. My first introduction to Japanese culture was as a ten-year-old when my father insisted that I study Karate. I actually wanted to do ballet at the time. As a child, I hadn’t been particularly adventurous. That all changed when I had the chance to go to Japan through my companies exchange program.

My interest had been sparked and I was encouraged to take the leap. In 2004, I arrived in Kyoto and immediately felt comfort and familiarity. With the support of my Japanese colleagues, I made my transition in that of a local resident.

I have deeply immersed myself in Japanese culture. I am proficient in the language (N.2 Level) and also, I have studied Japanese Drumming (Taiko) practicing and at times, performing to audiences at events. These experiences have helped me sense the essence of Japan and I continue to explore that.

I have experienced continual growth through different professional roles including: supply chain management, HR, marketing and now, coaching. This rich variety of experience has helped me become who I am. It has given me awareness of my choices moving forward.

I became interested in coaching when I myself was coached. I had considered nursing some years earlier and upon reflection I realize that I naturally like to encourage and uplift. Though I decided to take a different path at the time, the coaching experience guided me into completion of an MBA through GLOBIS University, Tokyo. This opened the door for me to explore new levels of management within the Japanese business culture.

Simultaneously, I have participated in various courses aligned with coaching and empowerment. It has supported my growth and, put me in a position to facilitate others on their journeys.

What I love about coaching, is seeing people with increased awareness of who they are. Also seeing what their choices are, as they create the life they want to live. Fulfilling their best dreams in their personal and professional lives.

Love and Light,


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