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I believe that we are always thriving, moving forward into more.

Every day is a brand new day, where we can create new experiences.


Lately I had some interesting experiences, which are related to manifestation. An example is I am thinking about a person and I receive a text the next few days. Another example is that I got introduced to individual psychology by Adler. Then some days later I almost forgot about that conversation and then I saw a book review on Facebook that covered the ideas of Adler. It is called the "The courage to be disliked" and I can only highly recommend it. It’s such an interesting way of Adler’s thinking and it really inspired me to study more about psychology.


We are manifesting our experiences consciously and unconsciously. These are all creations in our lives that we are experiencing. You are in the driver seat of your life deciding the direction of where you are heading to. Life is always providing us with those experiences, because we want them to happen, see my examples above. It’s fascinating to me how much we are able to create those and we can also circle back to them. What is meant in your life will be and stay in your life, because it’s what you desire to happen.


Nothing is really coincidence, we meet people in our lives for a reason. They might not stay forever but they are there at times when we need to experience and understand something about ourselves. If someone isn’t there forever, don’t be sad, but grateful for all that person has contributed and the experiences you have shared together. Real friends are those who stay and it won’t matter how long you haven’t seen each other, you will always relate to each other and have a common respect and understanding.


I am fortunate to experience growth in my daily work working in new graduates training. The graduates are so precious, I can see their individual progress. It reminds we that every day we are experiences something new and can grow our personalities. I am also experiencing tremendous progress in my surfing lately. The other day I was so frustrated and really wanted to quit, but then I decided to change my mind on the spot and I could feel how much I have been improving my skills. We might not see the progress immediately but with continuous dedication and practice we are thriving.


What are some of the experience you have manifested lately or where do you see growth about yourself? Where those experiences rather consciously or unconsciously created? I am thinking to be more conscious in what I want to happen in my life and create those experiences more. I will manifest more. I will share more about my progress in more blogs to come. Sending lots of love & light, Sabine


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