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Lately I am experincing more and more about how I create my experiences.

I have shared about those experiences in my prior blog “Manifestation”.


During those creations, some feelings are coming up, that were

  1. Triggered by outside circumstances that have affected how I feel

  2. Or feelings that I have directly created myself


I would like you to remember to embrace every feeling that is coming up, either perceived as negative or positive. All feelings are valid, it’s just a matter how you would like to respond to those.


And remember its like pushing a light switch, in an instant, you can change from dark to light,

from negative to positive. It’s all a decision away on how you would like to respond to your feeling and/or situation. 

I would like to share an example from my own experience. When I went surfing, I was quite tired from the working week and not fully 100% physically fit. Maybe I use this as an excuse, hahaha, but I couldn’t paddle out with waves coming towards me. I got super frustrated about my surfing ability, the feelings of quitting and being not good enough crossed my mind. Got super upset with myself about it, it was time to validate that feeling, you can imagine I didn’t like it.


The feeling of upset became a feeling of accepting in an instant when I choose to switch. What is the switch, in an instant I changed what I was feeling. So in my case I knew that I cannot push myself too much on that day and I accepted my current physical condition. Also I have changed my view, I knew paddling out isn’t possible, so I rather asked myself what can I do now?


It’s about finding actions or solutions towards the current moment/presence and not being stuck in the moment. So I have decided to surf the unbroken waves and I seriously had the best practice in my entire surfing career ever. My take off became stable and I learnt so much from it, I was so happy and satisfied.


What was the morale, don’t get stuck in that feeling, in my case upset. I decided to let it go and focus on what is possible now. It was a conscious choice on what I wanted to do with my feeling. Being stuck in feeling frustrated or taking actions by accepting what is. I think most important is to have acceptance and knowing there will be another day where I can challenge myself more and better again. So from the feeling, switching from upset to acceptance, I thought about my next steps what to do.


Note that nothing lasts forever, even it’s a not so pleasant moment. If it’s number No.2 then we have control of what we want to feel. And even if it’s No.1 we may have been triggered by outside circumstances but how we feel or respond is still our choice in that moment. I consciously choosing the word respond, because you can stop for a moment and think/feel what you want to happen next. If it’s a reaction, it’s rather unconscious, not deciding what to do next and more impulsive.

For example when you are in a fight, you can react by saying something to hurt the other person in that moment. Or you can listen to what the other person is saying, stop for a sec, listen and then make up your mind on what you want to answer. I think in that way responding can save us from drama and saying something we may regret later onwards.


I really love that switch analogy, I am so glad I got introduced to this from my very good friend.

Please share with me if you can think of situations where you have used the switch in the past,

or even better why not use it from now on.

Let your light and true feelings shine into this world. Love & Light,



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