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Trust the Process

The year 2024 adds up to number 8 (2 +2+4) , when you turn around the number 8 you will get the infinity symbol ∞. For me it represents a year that is full of unlimited possibilities to gain new awareness and potential to grow ones personality.

I found this shell at the beach somewhere in Ibaraki, I was stunned by its beautiful color shade and shapes. It maybe sounds strange but I made sure I asked the shell as well as the beach for permission to take it back with me, which I happily got.

Really love looking at this shell, it has its core (the essence) in the middle and gradually circling out, like a ripple which reminds me of the infinity sign. It reminds me about life too, starting with something that you belief in (your core) and then you work your way around making it into something bigger, reaching out to more people (ripples) to share your story. I have shared in prior blogs that I believe that life isn't a destination but a process. And I got remembered to fully trust my life's process more and more.

In navigating my life and its process my heart, gut (intuition) and mind are guiding me along the way. I have identified that my heart and gut are leading and inspiring me in my day to day lives. My mind sometimes gets really noisy trying to over analyze my new ideas, which can be quite disturbing to create something new or making progress along the way. Of course, my mind is also helpful at times too and the noise is actually protecting me, so it's important to weigh out what's going on in each situation. In your life's process have you identified which has a strong influence on you, your heart, gut (intuition) or mind?

These days I caught myself being overly critical sensing my mind stopping me from progressing. What I felt was fear of not being good enough and afraid my ideas would be criticized, I put my focus away from me. Interestingly, lately my friends, without knowing my thoughts, asked me "What are you feeling?" , "What is your heart saying?" . I am really grateful for their intuition to ask me those questions, as it helped me to remind myself to focus my attention back to me again. I got to re-focus on what I want to create without worrying what others might think or it might be a failure. I got reminded to listen to my inner guidance, my heart and my feelings again. I can trust the process knowing that I am living from my essence (my core) and I know what's coming from there has the potential to develop, like the image of the shell, one layer at a time.

Also, I am grateful that I can be truly be myself around people that mean a lot to me. I feel I don't have to pretend and like the shell, I can show my different aspects (layers), helping them to see my core (my essence). It's truly a gift when you are making this connections and you are able to show each other your true self and get to explore about each others perspectives, beliefs and dreams. Life is beautiful with deeply routed friendships. We are there for each other and we can share about each other process in life, sharing is caring.

Where are you right now in your process? How are listening to yourself and how are your supportive surroundings? What influence have your family, friends supporting you in your process? I wish for you all, that you can feel that you can trust your process and you are moving into more and more in 2024. Remember the indefinite possibilities and trust yourself that you are able to achieve anything. Let me know how are you doing on your journey, would love to hear more about it. With love & light, Sabine


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