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When is the last time you have been at ease? With being at ease I mean to stop thinking for a moment, looking at your surroundings and just being in the moment with nothing on your mind. It's been a while for me actually and I noticed what its done with me, so let me share about it.

Lately work is really busy and my mind is occupied with thoughts. I felt I don't have time to take that moment to stop, but I learned this is just an excuse I am making. I have a choice to stop and being still. It just take a moment and you can do it while on lunch break or during bio breaks too. I have forgotten about having a choice there and it felt more convenient to not stop the thoughts.

But as a result, I couldn't stop thinking and it affected my sleep and also my mood a lot. I felt more tired than usual, although the workload is the same compared to when I was more at ease.

It's good to have a reminder for yourself every day to take a break from thinking and feel at ease. It also comes along with acceptance and lowering expectations on yourself too. Last weekend I had a great surf session and I was convinced and confident that I will be able to have the same experience this weekend too. I was very hyped and I had high expectations on myself, which I couldn't meet yesterday. I felt quite down for a bit, but then I also remembering the choice on how I want to feel about that surf session. I knew my condition wasn't 100% and the waves also were not so good as I wished for. It really comes down to accept yourself on the day. I would like to remind yourself to be kind to yourself, we cannot always be 100% on a day. Sometimes we will be 50%, 90% or even 120%. Accept where you are at in the moment and do the best you can do in the given situation. Notice that this experience don't need to repeat next time and it will become better again. But don't put too much pressure to force yourself to be at 120% when you are only feeling 80%. That's what I experienced during my surf session yesterday. I just enjoyed the time at the ocean and besides the not so good surf, I could still feel at ease sitting down at the beach looking at the waves and relax.

Being accepting of oneself, not pressuring and stop thinking regularly will really help to be more at ease! I wish you will give it a try for yourself. Let me know how its going. Have a lovely day. With love & light, Sabine


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