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I am amazed how we can create a harmonized and balanced life when we are aligned in our heart, mind and soul.

Synchronicities can happen and enriched your life with new connections and experiences that lead to more clarity and growth.

I have no regrets about any decisions I made in my life, some could have been easier but were necessary when I look back at them to let me be where I am. So I am also grateful for those experiences too. Accepting it all contributes to the alignment. I am always one choice away to change the course of direction in my life. And I believe there is always more ahead of us.

Lately it all makes sense and living from alignment has helped me to change jobs internally within my company. I am more happy amd passionate of what I am doing now. Also making new connections with colleagues, meeting new people is helping to rise my horizon more.

This changes were not a 180 degree change even the outcome feels like it, but rather small steps aligning every day, being clear of what I want that supported the process. During this process I never lost sight of the bigger picture (goal), but I didn't pressure myself to have an answer on how to get there straight away. It's really the focus and the actions you can do, that feels good on the day that helped me.

I want to remember that the small steps, focusing on every day living contribute to the changes. Don't feel pressure to change your life completely at once, sometimes it might be necessary though. When focusing on the things you can do on the day, the small steps accumulate for the big changes to happen.,

Alignment can come in different forms, it's really about you what helps to feel balanced, clear in your being. For me, it's a routine in the morning and evening to start and end my day properly, it includes positive self talk and meditation. Throughout the day I am observing my well being and adjust the course if I feel I am off the path.

Today is a day of pure joy for me, I am flying home to be with my family, it's been too long. My heart is cheerful and cannot wait to hug my loved ones and spend precious time together. Also that time was possible because I made it happen, before I internally transferred I asked for a long holiday and my wish was granted. Let the long summer holidays begin.

All is possible, it's how you look at it and align yourself to create actions that lead to more.

What is something that has happened to you lately that felt has happened because you were aligned? Let me know.

Heading to the airport now.

Lots of love & light,



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