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Being at peace

I had the opportunity to travel through our Golden Week holidays and it was just wonderful to be in a different place for 9 days. Travel makes us learn so much about ourselves, seeing different scenery, interacting with people from different countries, getting to know about the habits of the visiting country. All those experiences really sharpen our senses.

During my travel experience I did full social media detox and only checked incoming mails. It was so refreshing not to check Facebook or Instagram and react to people's post. I had the time to fully concentrate on my life, without also having the urge to share those beautiful experiences I made with my friends.

The time away really showed me the importance of being at peace within yourself. I think it's easier to realize it in a different environment, not your every day living. I was more aware every day, listening to my intuition what to do on the day, it was so relaxing not to overthink but to just enjoy the scenery and interaction among people. The holiday really helped me to get a break from unnecessary thoughts and focus on my feelings and senses in the present moment far away from Japan.

Also I decided to not be on holiday during my holiday but to be consciously reconsidering things back home that needed a bit more observations. I literally could close a chapter from the past and felt at peace for doing so and decided to look forward into the present moment and into my future.

When I got back to Japan, I have decided to further integrate this new learned skill of feeling more at peace, observing and not falling into old patterns and has opened up so much for me. For me the holiday has helped to gain this new perspective about how I want to feel and live from peace within myself.

The last few days I had a moment where I was reminded about something that was really sad from the past, but I have decided not go down the spiral and to re-activate that feeling but to accept that this feeling has emerged and allow it to be there without further overthinking and interpreting it. The result was that I didn't had to go through the same experience but I could rather observe it and let it be. I feel once we are in a more peaceful state of mind, anything that wants to emerge is easier to handle with more ease.

How do you handle when old experiences are hijacking you? What can you do to accept the feeling is there, but also it's related to the past and you are now living in the present?

Acceptance is a change agent and my trip has definitely shown me, that being more at peace and accepting myself more will help you to handle anything.

Sending lots of energy and peaceful vibes to you all.

With love & light, Sabine


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