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Being enough

“Being yourself means shedding all the layers of looking good, wanting to be liked, being scared to stand out and trying to be who you think people want you to be.” – Jeff Moore

The photo represents well what the quote is saying about the layers, the gold is covering the beautiful eternal colors of blue and green, but still in itself its just beautiful in my eyes. If the photo would represent a soul, its our decision what colors in which depth we are showing to the world. How much we are hiding or exposing our inner true self to our surrounding.

I am lately thinking a lot about what "being enough" means and in different occasions I got different answers to that. At times I feel like a chameleon, an animal which is able to adjust its colors to its surroundings, so it won't be spotted by prey. It's a survival tactic this animal has developed. For humans I think we have a tendency too, where we decide what colors (our personality) we are showing in which occasion and to our surroundings. We are all colorful at heart and we all have our unique vibrant color that makes us who we are.

Lately I felt both what it means to show your true colors (my personality) but also partially also hiding myself because I didn't wanted to stand out. I feared that my ambition wasn't good enough and I was relying on the outside judgement rather than knowing I did the best I could. I didn't trust my inner voice, my being enough and it made me vulnerable with some self doubt. Questions like is this good enough came to the horizon. These thoughts are not really productive and rather lead to procrastination and not moving into the desired direction, which is forward for me!

Let me share about when I felt I can show my true colors (my personality). My heart is full of joy in these moments, feeling calm and relaxed. For me it's like seeing the infinity of ocean, with no land in sight, means anything is possible and you choose which direction you go and its an adventure deciding on your desired destination. It's a choice to decide to be free and show your unique self in all your different color facets. There are no worries what the other person is thinking and its empowering and transformative getting to know different aspects of self.

When I compare these two scenarios, I would like to feel enough in any situation, I want to be able to show my true colors-self. It really is about making a choice. Imagine you are in a dark room, what are you doing? You are searching for the light switch to see where you are. I think it takes awareness about your different colors (personality) and then choosing to show all of your colors regardless of the situation. You don't have to hide, you are not in a dark room. It's okay to show who you are. Letting go of any thoughts what you think other people may think about you. Its deliberating and being free in your being. I noticed when I am sharing my different colors, it also enables people around me to do the same. It's a festival of lights.

Surround yourself with people who you know are celebrating your unique colors (personality) and you are feeling yourself at any times. You can share your deep thoughts and you know you don't have to hide or afraid to stand out. Let go of the layers, think of it as an onion. Peel all these unnecessary layers of and get to the core of yourself. Shine your light every day.

Remember, the world needs more light than ever and with your unique being you can contribute to your environment and people around you. This reminds me of an advertising from Coca Cola "Happiness starts with a smile". Its about a man boarding the train, heartfully laughing and its contagious and people around him joining him in laughing too. It's not laughing about him but laughing with him. Here is the link if you are interested in watching it. I just watched it and it truly brought a smile to my face. I am sitting in a coffee shop right now and put on a big smile, hahaha. Imagine me!

So please have faith and confidence in yourself, you are enough at all times. Don't let any negative inner talk or outside circumstances think you are not. When you are having doubts or a bad day, just look at that video I shared how much happiness and a good laugh can make you feel better in an instance too. Let me know what helps you to feel better and good about yourself, would love to hear about it. Show your beautiful color and you are always good enough! With love & light, Sabine


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