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What are your beliefs about yourself?

Let me start with saying we are all unique and all have different view points about oneself or a given situation.

There might even be judgement, oh this person is different, but why judging when we can embrace our differences and learn from each other about different beliefs.

For me I always have a positive outlook at life and even in difficult situation I believe that it will all turn out well. It's an inner knowing and trust in myself that I feel in me.

My belief was somehow questioned this week, I did the best to overcome a situation at work and all I heard was negativity to my approach. Now I remember that unique saying that all roads lead to Rome. In that context I mean there are different ways to achieve the target and for me I took a different way that was questioning my skill set.

I believe we can empower each other in learning and no need to overrule one another by critique only but by sharing observations and finding a solution together that works best for tackling a situation especially at work.

When overruling each other, it can lead to that the other person is questioning themselves in their beliefs when all they hear they are doing it wrong and there is lack of a skill.

In this moment, I really had to take a big breathe and took a moment to focus on positive self talk. I know that there is nothing wrong me, neither am I lacking anything but I am presenting a view that is different to what the person knows and has experience about. So please don't loose your confidence if you feel critiqued and being judged for being you and having a different approach and view point of things.

In the past I used to take these kind of comments very personal and it would have upset me. Now I know that people will voice their opinion based on their own experiences and how they define the skill that they think you are lacking. It's good to remember that we all have different backgrounds and experiences and there is not only "ONE" approach that is right in my eyes. So it's okay to let people their opinion, especially at work, so please don't take it personally.

You are unique in being you, always remember.

I would like to invite you to ask yourself:

- What makes you being unique?

- What are your special skills? - How do you show the world your unique self every day?

With love & light,



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