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Life is full of changing occurring every day, it's part of our life.

Changes can have different meanings, depending on how we feel and view those, they could be positive or negative depending on the circumstances. Also change can appear suddenly without even us realizing it or it can be a conscious decision to enable change. It's the change that we haven't anticipated that is causing us by surprise.

When sudden unexpected change happens, how do we respond to it? It can be shocking, anger and sadness can overcome us. It's how we respond to changes. Are we able to take a deep breathe and see what the change actually means or are we caught up in thoughts and emotions that will give us no time to really understand what was happening. I am sure we have all experienced changes in different forms.

I am reading this book right now by Neal Donald Walsch calls "When Everything Changes, Change Everything" , I can only recommend this book so much. So far I have only read one third of it and it really caught my attention and speaks to me in the middle of change in my own life.

He talks about how thoughts creates emotions and it in the middle of change, fear can trigger us not knowing what is coming next. I am recently carefully checking my thoughts around an event of change that has occurred. Every time I am caught up thinking about it, and it's beyond my control now and nothing can be changed anymore, the same emotions are coming up in me resulting in hurt and tears.

I have decided to notice when I catch myself of those thoughts and how they affect me. I am amazed how powerful thoughts are as a catalyst for change and handling emotions. I am catching myself when I am thinking about change from a different aspect. I am focusing on what is in my control and what I could like to change in my life right now. It's not about what has happened to me, but focusing on what I can do in the now that will affect my future.

Catching myself of those thoughts patterns those days, has really made a difference. The book is also talking about fear in changes and emotional reactions, it is a great book to understand better about change when you are living through this.

I actually having a Kindle to read books, but tonight I have ordered the paper copy to be able to mark the sentences that have resonated with me so much and there are definitely a lot. I am enjoying the process of understanding, learning about my own changes and it will support my work when you go through changes as well.

Everyone has it's own coping way of going through change. What is something in your life that is catching your attention about change right now?

With love and light,



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