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Choose your Mindset

Today's blog post is inspired by the events that lately happen in my life. Its related to the saying by Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, and quoted as "change is the only constant in life".

I believe there are two types of changes, the ones that we choose and have control of. And the second one are changes that are initated by others and we might feel we don't have any control of these changes and they might affect us in some way.

When changes occur, either type, we can always choose for ourselves what to do and how we would like to feel about it. It really depends on our mindset. Do we deal with change as something that is positive, implying something negative or is it neutral to us. It really depends on each person on how they view certain changes in different situations. Every person will handle the same change differently, based on their experiences, their values and mindset.

My mentor has advised me a very good questions I am asking myself in times of change: "How are you holding yourself in this moment?". I am asking this question a lot lately and checking with my heart, mind and soul about the answer that wants to emerge when asking the question without any expectation for an outcome. It's the intuitive answer that comes up without overthinking.

I have noticed lately, that some changes in work, have affected me to think quite negatively about myself. It is a change that it not in my control and brings a lot of uncertanity with it and there is no experience from the past that I can relate to. So my mind is feeling quite insecure about it. I was reflecting how I hold myself and reminded myself that I have a choice to what I want to believe about that situation. There is another saying that relates to that situation: "Is the glass half empty or half full?" It really depends on our perspective and choice, because both are true statements about the same situation that there is a glass with water in it. You can see it either way, half full or half empty, both views are legimite.

So in my situation, I kind of was in the pessimistic state and thought my situation is "half empty", so the approach where I feel I don't have any control. But actually I do have control in that situation, it is how to react to what is happening. I don't have to feel negative about it, but I can view from a different point, a more positive one "the glass is half full" approach.

It is really a shift and conscious choice of what kind of mindset we are in when changes are occuring. Once I shifted my mind, it was interesting how my resitance has dropped and new insipration and ideas flew to me instantly. I was truly amazed how much our mind is affecting us and how a simple thought can shift anything. I can only recommend to ask yourself in a situation when change occurs, what is going on for you. What mindset are you in, is this really serving you and if you would ought to think differently about the same situation what would be different. You might not see the changes immediately but in the long term it initates a shift that will have a positive impact.

In Coaching we say what "resists, persists", so you cannot change anything if you keep on resisting to look at a certain situation honestly. Be concsious of your mindset and notice how gradually your perspective of the same situation will shift and how it is supportive rather than unaccomodating your situation. I can only recommend to give it a try. Also emptying your mind to be neutral about the situation can shift the way you look at the situation. Another example, when I was in the ocean yesterday I had a very destructive thought and it really affected my surfing badly. I made a bad wave selction and nose dived, like in a washing machine my body turned up side down in the wave. I got even more mad, hahaha. So I had to make change about that thought, so I took a break at the beach. I sat down and consciously choose to feel empty first and just felt the wind and sun in my face. Then I decided to let that destructive thought go, it really shifted everything for me. Once I got back in the ocean, I could catch some really good waves and felt super happy. Change is really a constant in our lives, it's not so much about the change itsself but our reaction to it. Our choice to accept or to let go. Shift your mindset and you can experience a new view of the same situation. Please try it out yourself and if you have any questions, please message me. Wishing you everyone a great day💗 With love & light, Sabine


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