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Clarity, a form of realization, can come in different forms to us.

It can be a subtle feeling of knowing from within or we can receive a hint through the outer world for example in a song lyrics or a conversation. Sometimes it can takes us by surprise.

We are suddenly seeing what we were not being able to see until now. Clarity is a beginning of re-considering our current situation and to take further actions.

We have a choice, to take action but also not taking actions is a choice itself. Life is continuously changing with every choice we make.

Making choices can be difficult to made, even though we know what's best for us in the given situation. If a decision isn't an easy one, it can be like a bandaid. You got the clarity that it's time to lift it, two options present themselves. Slowly removing the bandaid lead to short term small pains but once the bandaid is uncovered, you will feel free. The other option is to just take it off as fast as you can, immediate pain will be felt but that pain won't last.

When making choices both are two valuable options depending on your situation. A fast quick decision or taking the time to feel less pain.

During this times when making difficult choices, really listen within yourself, your intuition. A quick, sometimes painful decision can help to recover quickly and create a life you aspire to have faster. Sometimes more time in the process might be just would you need, then be kind to yourself and don't pressure or rush to come up making that decision.

Clarity is the beginning of seeing and making choices leading to more life. You can ask yourself what's the best you can imagine for yourself at this stage, this will support you making choices, quick or slower ones.

Constant changes are part of our life, let's embrace those and also check our beliefs. For me there is always more, every experience, good or bad, embrace a new perspective into more living. How do you view life? What do you do when gaining clarity? What are the steps you take to come up with an action towards your future?

For me what helps me to get clarity is to enjoy alone time at the sea or river, reading inspirational books and journaling about my feelings. But I also gut sudden ideas and inspirations lately even more. I empty out what I already know and let the new come to me. I am listening to my inner voice more. What are ways that help you to in this process?

If you would like to talk about your current situation, please reach out to me. I am happy to support you in your process.

Have a wonderful day.

Lots of light and love from the river,

Sabineno no


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