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Compass of Life

I believe that life is a journey and not all about the destination.

We are making choices ever day that will impact in which direction our life is going.

We all have an inner compass in us, a guiding system that contains our beliefs, values and learnings from past experiences. When we embark in our journey of life, we are using this guidance to give us a direction of where we would like to go, what we would like to do in this life.

In graduate school, we learned about Nelson Mandela and this quote from him got me really thinking a lot every since I heard it.

"I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul" (Nelson Mandela)

Yes, I am the captain of my life (soul) making the decisions every day using my compass checking in where I am heading to in this journey of life.For me living an authentic life is to follow that compass and being aware if I am not following my inner guidance. A strong belief about something, positive or negative can really help us nourish or block us as well. I learned in the latest workshop I am taking, about one strong beliefs that really hold me back in being more myself. We did this exercise where we further checked in about that belief that is holding us back in our journey. It was fantastic how much clarity and understanding I gained from this exercise, shedding light on what I was thinking and really challenging my whole belief system. A the end I noted that this belief isn't serving me and decided to let it go. It felt like an energy running through my body and a big weight was falling down my shoulders. Every since I am feeling more light and more compassion towards me and also others.

Wanting to make changes really starts from being aware of what you want to change.

What is your inner compass telling you about yourself. What did you notice is supporting you or hindering you in life? If you would like to learn more about that belief of yours, let me know and I can guide you through this exercise, it's a really powerful tool and I am glad that I learned it.

Transformation your life, living your life with your inner compass guidance!

With love & light, Sabine


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