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For me surfing teaches me a lot about life.

I am practicing hard to improve my surfing these days and one thing that really stuck with me is:

“You gotta look where you are going to”

I have the tendency to look down on my board while standing up and this makes it so much harder to glide on the wave. For me it’s actually quite hard to get that habit out of my system but gradually reminding and improving helps.

Speaking about life, are you consciouly looking into the direction you want to go to? A dear surfing friend taught me about the importance to look forward in life and not dwell in the past. Sad things may have happened to you and they have molded you into the person you are now. What has happened can taught us to improve ourselves. If we only look back, dwelling in the past it might be very difficult to elevate into more.

Leave the past behind, standing still in the current, feeling & aligning yourself towards your next adventure and then re-start your journey from a point of clarity. Being clear about where you want to head, you will gravitate easier towards the destination you have set in your GPS system. I like the saying "all ways lead to Rome", there may be different ways you can take but you will arrive at your destination, in that example Rome. During your journey you can decide every day what road you will take that will lead you to where you want to be.

When you are setting your destionation in your GPS, please make sure to listen to your inner guidance. Be honest with yourself, have some positive self talk while you are doing the planning and while on your way. There might be some obstacles during your journey. Please observe objectively what are those obstacles want to tell you. Are those obstacles, doubts that you feel you are not on the right path? Are those obstacles your intuition telling you to change your destination after all? During these times it's important to listen neutrally to your inner voice/guidance.

I believe that in life it's about the experiences we are having along our way. We are continously elevating/growing through our experiences. They are teaching us valuable lessons about how to move forward, also advising us when to stop and stand still or change the course of our direction. We are standing still, moving along, but don't try to move backwards into the past. From sad experiences we can decide to take those with us if the lessons were valuable or we can also let those go, make peace with what happened and move along. In coaching we are focusing on the present and the future, that's why I mentioned the approach about acceptance or letting go of the past. I know it's not always that easy, but we have a choice.

Where are you now? Are you looking into the direction you want to go to?

Is your GPS system ready with the future coordinates taking you on an adventure, deciding every day where and how you will spend your day to come closer to your destination? Every day is a gift, we are elevating into more life and exepriences.

I will take my surfing to the next level and even on days I am not in the water, I am going for walks, to the pool, eating more healty, doing stretching to keep my body fit for my next surfing adventure in the water. What are your preparations you can take to achieve your dreams?

It's not soo much about the big steps, but about all the small steps we are taking. This will also helps to take off any pressure you may feel, also taking time out of it, also helps to enjoy the process. I don't have a timeline to have improved my surfing until a certain time, but I will do practice to look for where I want to go! Not only in surfing but also in life! Sending you all lots of love & light along your journey, Sabine


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