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Energy of Life

Engaging in the energy of life, knowing that we can make conscious choices deciding about what is getting our attention and what we want to focus on.

I have started a coaching related certification learning about the head, heart and gut and half way through the course. It is so interesting to see which of those areas are actually talking and to realize when there is a misalignment. Once you gain awareness about something you can have choices of whether you accept the status quo or you let go and change. It's not always wise to rush the process and acceptance in the current being is also very important, it really depends on the situation. That's the beauty of the energy of life, it's always available to us. We can feel aligned and energetic by choice.

As you know from my previous blogs, I am a surfer and super passionate to dip my body into the water all year long. I would like to share something from my experience in the water that relates to the energy of life and making choices. My heart just loves surfing so much, it gives me pure bliss and joy to glide down a wave and to be in nature. I feel the flow of life running through my veins. My gut has protected me many times in situations, getting caught in a current and feeling helpless floating and starting to panicking. I calmed myself down and trusted the process of knowing exactly what I have to do to escape that situation and be in control again. The gut is also an area of safety and especially in a current, all you want to do is to paddle to shore again. But paddling against the current isn't the wisest thing to do. So you have choices here, on how you get yourself safely back and I was doing those knowing I will be fine. My mind is quite disturbed during my surfing sessions, I look many times at other surfers, comparing my level with them and also judging myself for not being a better surfer yet. Also the criticizing is igniting fear in me to not go further into the ocean where I cannot feel my feet on the ground anymore.

From my explanation you can see that my heart and gut is aligned but my mind is playing great tricks on me. It really impacts my joy for surfing, as I am limiting myself to challenge further and I start comparing myself unrealistically with really great surfers around me and blaming my incapability. So what I have noticed during the course, is that I am not aligned when I am surfing. For me pure alignment, to be in that energy of life, is to feel passionate, safe and trusting my skills in the water. My mind is so critical and is stopping me from enjoying, so what I did today in my surf session was talking to my head and soothed it. I said we are doing well, the body knows what to do and your heart is in it radiating joy and happiness.

Today I made a choice to address the head consciously, it's not blaming but I am giving instructions how we operate during my surfing. Today I had a wonderful peaceful surf sessions, feeling the energy of the waves and it wasn't about comparing the skills or other surfers, but to truly just feel the flow of the waves and the joy of doing what I love to do.

The realization about my deconstructive way I am thinking about myself, helped me to address it and deciding to make a change. With this subtle change I am more aligned and can feel the energy rising and having more fun and a productive surf session.

What is something you have noticed about the energy in your life? Do you focus on what's working for you or do you let any unreasonable thoughts come in. And if you do, how do you address those? What's your process to feel aligned and be ready to have another energetic day?

If one area, the head, heart or gut is struggling, the energy cannot really flow and it is good to have a conscious look at what's going on and then deciding about what you would like to do about it to feel the energy of life. I will further integrate it into my future surfing sessions, which I am super excited about, will keep you posted too.

With love and light,



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