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Happy New Year 2024

Wishing you an inspiring, beautiful and loving 2024❤️ May it be filled with love, light, joy, lots of energy to experience all the beauty in this world and your dreams😊

I spent New Years with my friend and her family in Japan, we had a lovely traditional New Years dinner and I loved the quite and peaceful time spending together. I know them since over 12 years.

When we talked about reflections last night, two things came remarkably to my attention. It's about love and connection we form in our lives and about a positive mindset knowing you can overcome and/or achieve anything you want.

I want to focus on love and forming deep connections more than ever before. Knowing you can call your friend in the middle of the night when troubled or being understood is priceless. The unconditional love from my family too, I can be me and they always cherish me for who I am. I feel nothing but gratefulness. I am glad I have this loving connection to my blood family but also not related with blood with my friend and her family to spend New Years with.

Giving and feeling love, it might not come back from the same person but it comes back in different forms, experiences and people we meet along the way in our lives. Some may stay, some leave but they all leave an imprint on us. I will continue to spread love and encouragement more than ever.

Another one is a positive outlook about one's live. We can achieve anything if we make up our mind up and are committed. I have seen how people have overcome illness and recovering well with their positive outlook on life. I am truly touched by this person, you know who it is when you read this. You are a great inspiration to me and I will always keep that quality you taught me in my heart. Thank you from all my heart.

I will continously focus on what I truly want in my life and will pursue this dream. I know I have all that is within me to make it happen. If you are trapped in a thought that is not pursuing your dream, drop It and shift your mind what is doable. It's the baby steps along the way that add up to fulfill our dreams. Never give up!!!

So I wish to all this year will be a fruitful one for you. 2024 let's begin!

With love & light,



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