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I am still in my winter holidays and enjoy the quietness and freshness of the new year. Holidays are so good to slow down and do the activities we may not usually do and take a step back from daily routines we would normally do. For me I took a change in scenery and went to Kamakura. It's a place where I always feel harmonious and relaxed strolling around the temples, being near the sea side and enjoy some good conversations with coffee owners I befriended with. The environment we are in really has an impact on our being and how feel. I noticed it strongly also when I go surfing, there are some beaches I really don't like to be at and so I am avoiding them.

I believe some places have some nurturing power and it depends on the person to identify their "go-to place" to relax and feel at peace. It can be a place or an activity you do that makes you think about nothing and you can just being in the moment soaking all in with your senses. I love this time, when my mind is quite and my senses are activated seeing something new, even we might have been there many times before. There is always something that will catch our attention.

Harmony can be influenced not only be a place we are in but also by the people we are surrounded with. I love having deep conversations about life with friends and always eager to learn something new from what we have talked about. Surroundings and friends are a great inspiration to learn more about oneself. I thought about what kind of year 2024 will be for me and the words growth, love and harmony came up. I want to keep on challenging myself to be the best version I can be. Lately I recognized about how important it is to have our own internal harmony as guidance system. We can really influence how we hold ourselves and what we belief about ourselves that influences our behaviors and actions in life.

It all starts being aware and reflecting about what we think about ourselves. During my surfing yesterday I really pressured myself and suddenly thought why not just quit surfing and never look back at it. In an instant that harmony I feel when I am in the ocean went away, I was so surprised that this thought has even crossed my mind. I was super harsh and hard about myself and influenced my surfing performance. I shortly reflected on that thought and why it came up. There was no obvious reason, just I couldn't catch any decent waves, that was all. So I made a choice to accept that this is the current situation I am in and let it be. I cannot control the waves, but I can control how I am reacting to my surroundings and the incoming waves. I shifted my mindset to be more loving and accepting towards myself in that moment. My face lit up again and suddenly my motivation and love for surfing came back. It was really a matter of choice what to believe about myself in that moment. I could have just given up, but I decided to face my feelings and I could learn how to be more kind and accepting towards myself. Sometimes in life we cannot change our environment we are in, for me it was the condition of the waves, but I knew I can reflect on how I feel about it. I decided to move forward and do the best that was possible in the given waves situation. When I got out of the water, I was so glad that I did overcame my thought about quitting and even had a smile on my face. For me it was also a matter of resilience, not to give up when things are not going well, but to rather accept that when the sea is rough or my condition isn't perfect to accept where I am and to take it from there. It was a good opportunity for me to grow and know how to be a better version of myself.

During tough times it is really how we are talking to ourselves, are we beating ourselves up over a certain situation or we are loving and kind towards ourselves knowing it will become better. It really depends in which situation you are in, but positive outlook and good self talk can help to overcome anything from what I have experienced so far. I really like to keep focusing on my inner harmony guiding me through life.

What are some experiences you had in which your inner harmony has guided you? What was your biggest take away from it? I will keep on challenging my surfing but also my daily work, having in mind to be kind and in harmony with myself more. I wish this year will be a great year of harmony for you too. Let's enjoy the weekend and make this year special. Love & Light, Sabine


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