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Heart Connections

It's been a while since my last blog, but now I am back.

I very much enjoyed the time back home in Germany for 1 month and being surrounded by my loving family and friends. It's been 3,5 years since I haven't seen them and it was soo much joy to re-connect on a heart-to-heart level. It toook me quite a while to get re-adjusted back to Japan, everything seemed to so different and also a new somehow. It's interesting how being in a different place can change ones perspective and what we are feeling.

My parents celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary yesterday. I am so amazed how long they have been together. I can always feel their genuine love towards each other and towards their kids. They have this nurturing love for each other, knowing you can count on each other what ever life is presenting, they got each others back. I am really blessed that I choose to be born in this family, all I feel is love and support my entire life. It's how I grew up and how my values about life are forming. Of course I am growing and choosing how to be in this world, but my foundation and base is of love I feel for my family and people around me. It become so clear to me while I spend time with them. My life's purpose is to support and encourage people around me, it's genuine love I feel for those I interact with. That's one of the reasons why I became a coach and I am now thinking about how can I brush up my skills even more. Stay tuned for any updates.

Heart Connections can be formed not only with family or lovers but friends and people we care about. I have learned the hard way to never expect the feeling I radiate out to someone may not be shared or returned in the same way that I do, but there are those people you know you can always count on and that makes my heart sing.

Speaking of heart singing, finding something that is making you happy every day really fills up your heart with love and gratitude to whatever it is you are doing. I learned in HeartMath to do heart-focused breathing and then you can imagine a person that is close to you and radiate/send that feelings towards them. Or just send it to you, I can only recommend to do that and see what differences it is making throughout your day. I am a little bit head-based in the last few weeks but I continiously trying to focus my attention back on my breathe and heart.

I feel heart-felt connections with people I just met as well. Yesterday when I bought flowers (not the ones in the picture), I shared the story that I bought those to take a picture to send to my parents. Then a customer overheard the conversation with the shop owner and he is gifted me the sunflowers you can see in the picture. What a beautiful gesture from this old man and I really felt genuine care and a connection. He felt to share the love with me that I feel towards my parents. It's this small moments of connections there were formed, I may never see this man again, but I am very grateful and look in awe at the flowers, they are so beautiful. Also there are two sunflowers representing my mum and dad.

What a wonderful world it is when you are focused on heart-based living, forming this little connections in life, that makes us fulfilled and happy without having any expectations to have them. The idea to buy flowers came to my when I was on my way back home yesterday and could have never anticipated this would happen. Thank you very much for your generiosity to this older gentleman. I think he was way older than my mom and dad.

Little moments of syncronicities can ripple out in happiness.

I will practice to be more in my heart again and will see what other wonderful things may happen.

I wishing you all a wonderful day.

With love & gratitude,


P.S. The beautiful painting in the background is done by my dear friend Paul. For his work, please kindly find his homepage here:


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