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Leap of Faith

I saw this painting when I visited Thailand some years ago and immediately fall in love with it. It presents so much, our heaven on earth, taking steps towards our goals and enjoying the beauty around us in nature. I have chosen this picture because it represents also the unknown, we are on our way and sometimes we need to take a leap of faith to follow our path.

Lately I am feeling into what my journey is and how I can show up every day as my true self. I noticed how important it is being able to deeply share my feelings in conversations with new friends that magically entering my life but also re-connecting with old friends. I am really truly appreciating that I am able verbalize myself vulnerably and as a result understanding my inner essence better. It really helps me to get clarity in where I am and where I want to be.

It truly takes vulnerability and courage to be able to see each aspect of oneself, also the ones that we don't want to see and hide. It's bringing light into the darkness, it's one decision away to switch on the light in a dark room. Once we are able to see in the light, we can be honest about what we see. If we don't like what we see, we always have a choice to re-create our lives. It's really up to us, change can happen when we are aware. We are not avoiding but we are able to understand and then choose what path we would like to go. Uncertainty might stop us from making a move, but we can create and decide with our actions how our path looks like and all the uncertainty will fall away in an instant.

Being able to move forward and taking a step forward, you will make certain choices that supports you in your journey, because it's the path you have choose to go. Once you are on your way and you look back, you won't see regret but you will be thankful for taking steps being courageous for creating the life you want to live.

Don't let me lead by shadow, let your light shine to areas in your life that you avoid looking at. You will gain a better understanding of where you are at and also it will help you to get clarity on where you want to be. You can always switch on the light, you can decide and create your experiences that will serve you in your being and on your path.

I wish you lots of light and clarity in deciding and keep on walking on your path. Take that leap of faith, you will thank yourself later.

With lots of love & light, Sabine


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