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Let go

Updated: Apr 30

Letting go.....

Letting go is part of growth and change!

It all depends on your association whether it is positive or negative. I am imaging a butterfly who used to be in a cocoon and it transformed itself to be a free and beautiful spreading its wings exploring its surroundings.

I think spring is also a good season to let go, we are adjusting to our surroundings by adjusting our clothes. It's a change we haven't influenced but we are making our choices that its time to put on different clothes that will make us more comfortable. We can choose what kind of clothes to wear in which situation.

I think the same goes for feelings, we can decide which ones to keep and which ones to let go of. Which ones are still serving us and which ones we can let go of. Letting go isn't particular about loss but its about being able to welcome something new into your life too. The butterfly let go of his cocoon and can use its wings to fly, so can we embrace something new awaiting us asides our safe house, our comfort zone. Once you are making the first step about letting go, you will surprised that so much more is awaiting you. You might be sad to let go of an idea, a person or an emotion too but wait a bit and see/reflect what you have gained from it. Initially you had this intuition, something telling you, its time to move forward and you were brave enough to listen to that inner voice. Don't go and look back, but forward on what is awaiting you. So much more than you could have ever imagined, just taking that first step is the hardest, but taking it its worthwhile.

Letting go is about embracing your being and following your intuition into something more. Don't be sad but be happy about what is about to happen. Embrace yourself more, being honest in yourself, making those decisions of letting go... I am glad I did let go, some old patterns and beliefs that weren't serving me are gone. I will fully trust myself more from now on. What are some of the stories you keep on telling yourself that need closure?

Can you close a chapter and rewrite your story?

How did it felt in the moment and when you are looking back? What is the change after you have let go?

How would you rewrite your story?

What new chapter will be included?

I wish you all the clarity and honesty before making a decision to let go and the bravery to do. Trust yourself and take that step! Sending you lots of love on this sunny Sunday, Sabine


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