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Living an Empowered life from your Authentic Self

In this blog, I will share my experiences that I made to live my life from my authentic self.

What does authentic self mean?

You are true to yourself, living your life according to your own goals and values regardless of the pressure you are in to act otherwise.

For me personally I value harmony and peace in my relationships around me. I always assume that people have the best intentions. Those best intentions, at times, can create conflict when what we think is best differs from what others think. I made the experience in and a life-changing decision back in 2011 after the Tohoku Earthquake. My company sent me back home and offered me permanent employment in Germany again. Of course, my family wished to have me close by again. No one, but myself could make this decision.

What I did during this time, was going on a journey of self-exploration. It’s like looking underneath an iceberg for all the hidden aspects beneath the surface. I have a very loving relationship with my parents and they never pressured me in my decision making process. Deep down in my heart, I knew exactly their desire for me to be back with them. I really appreciate the space that my parents gave me during that time. Within that I can hear myself deeply.

I am in love with the essence of Japan. I felt immediately at home the first time I visited when I was on my 3-month exchange program. It’s a feeling that I have, that is hard to describe in words. It’s like a tree being routed deeply into the earth. It is nourished and flourishing in its surroundings. You can of course relocate a tree by taking it from the roots and often they can grow in new surroundings. For me, it was a sudden moment of realization and a deep sense of peace in my heart, when I asked myself the question where do I want to be. That feeling was telling me strongly that I would like to return to Japan.

Initially I had hesitation and was thinking about how I would tell to my parents. They might be disappointed in my decision to go back to Japan. I was surprised how much encouragement and love they gave me. What I learnt it is the clarity of oneself is unstoppable and has power that people around us can accept and make peace with.

That experience really taught me to fully live based on my values, being clear what I want in my life, and expressing it to people around me. I think it’s hardest to share this with the people who we love. There is so much support and understanding from those, because they know deeply that you are living your authentic way and they love you. It’s not what we think others want. It is about listening for what is happening with us.

Are you facing a decision which invites you to listen deeply and be true to yourself? What are your feelings in those moments? What is helping you to make a decision?

Love to hear from you about it.

Love & Light,



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