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Today I felt some urge to react over an emotion that has built up throughout the day.

My day was very balanced but this emotion somehow has built up and negatively charged taking over me clouding my thoughts. I was about to take actions and send out a message that would include that energy with it. I caught myself feeling that way and I told myself to stop for a moment. In this moment I started to observe where this emotion came from and what it wants to tell me. Every emotion that is coming up is there for a reason I believe.

So when observing I realized real reason and the source to feel that way and how it was related to the action that I had plan to send out a message. It was interesting how this emotion wasn't about someone else but about how I felt deeply inside. I was projecting my emotion to a certain situation and it would have resulted in a reaction that I am sure I would have regretted later.

I am glad that I stopped myself and instead of reacting, I stand still and observed how I felt. When we are in anger we may take actions or say something that we may regret later. So especially in those moments, or when a negative emotion is arising, it's good to take a step back.

Taking a step back and asking yourself questions like, what has happened that made me feel that way, what is going on with the current situation and if I take actions what are the consequences about it? Please emotion (name it) please tell me what do I need to see here? Really feeling into the emotion rather than thinking about it, also helps to understand better the root cause of it. I suddenly overcame with sadness, for me crying usually helps to get clarity about something. Once I have identified the emotion and the root, I did lots of positive self talk to soothe my mind. My mind was already going into different scenarios, that were not related with each other, and I felt even more sad. Stopping my mind, listening and feeling into me, has helped me to realize what made me feel that way and what to do next about it. Also just writing about it now, is really helpful to get if "off my chest" and also making peace within me. So stopping and observing, rather than reacting can spare us from something we might regret later. So next time an emotion is arising, don't let your mind try to take it over and over-analyze but really feel and understand what this emotion is trying to tell you. I wish you all a great evening. No worries, I feel much more better again, the clarity has helped me to not send a mail, that I knew I would regret sending and also feeling more calm again. The soothing self talk is amazing, I can only recommend to you all. I will share more about it in one of my next blogs. Lots of light and love, Yours Sabine


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