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Rejuvenate Yourself

This weekend was all about rejuvenating myself to restore my energy from a busy working week. It takes awareness of knowing what's working for oneself to feel fully aligned within yourself. In those moments of stillness, I can feel present, re-charge my battery and also getting this sudden inspirations for future endeavors.

When we are getting busy, it can happen that the mind cannot stop thinking and you feel like you constantly running in this wheel of thoughts. I think it's an active choice and decision to decide to what words you would like to listen to. Are those words supporting you in your being and give you inspiration to further grow? If those thoughts are not supporting you, you can also let them go. During these times its always advisable to be kind to yourself, if negative hurting thoughts are creeping in.

What is working for you to rejuvenate yourself?

I believe to align my body, mind and heart during those times.

I love to go surfing, the ocean is my go to place that can helps me to calm down my mind and also move my body. I haven't had a chance to be back in the water for over 2 month and it was this pure joy feeling the wind in my face and tasting the salty water. My mind was quite anxious to be back after so long and starting to be noisy with expectations, will you be able to surf and can you continue where you have stopped? It was really disturbing, because my heart was jumping of joy, like a kid when it's Christmas time. I felt conflicted when I arrived at the beach. I decided to let that fear not interfere and align my heart and body before going into the water. Before I am entering the ocean, I have a ritual that I always do.

Firstly stretching my body and then taking a bit of time to mediate, to focus on the surfer in me and build up my confidence. Another part of my ritual is to show my respect to the ocean by bowing before going in and when finishing the surf. For me those ritual are part of energizing my being and preparing me to be fully present during my surfing.

Rituals that supports us to feel more aligned and recharge are batteries can also support you. When I am not going surfing, I have also other rituals to align myself for the day and also letting go of my thoughts and emotions by the end of the day. Starting every day refresh can support you to feel less drained throughout a busy working week. It's really about listening deep within yourself, you have the answers knowing what is needed to recharge your batteries and be aligned in your being. You can find something to remind you also throughout the day.

Exploring what's working for you are good ways to rejuvenate yourself, think and do what makes your soul sing and do it often. Don't get me wrong that mind chatter is something negative at all, it's just being aware to what you want to listen to. Sometimes those strong messages are also a reminder to look at something in more details.

Also take your time to feel still, quieting the mind and be fully present in just being. You don't always have to do anything, sitting at the river, looking at kids playing can be just those moments of stillness and pure joy. What do you notice about yourself in those moments? For me, when I am in the ocean it's that peaceful feeling of joy, peace and energy. I am grateful to be alive and full of energy!

With that feeling in my heart, I wish you all a great week ahead.

With love and light,



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