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Self Compassion

Today I got a great surf session this morning. Actually the best surf I have ever done so far, I feel very happy about it.

I practiced self compassion during my surfing, not letting any negative thoughts or pressure I shall improve my surfing, run the show. Being present and letting go and taking it wave by wave.

Its really what we are telling ourselves that creates outcome. If you are having passionate talk within yourself, it really effects our emotions and actions.

In general compassion is used to express how deeply we feel for another person as they experience up and downs in life, but are you deeply listening to your own emotions?

What is self compassion for you?

For me is to be aware of our own state of being. Noticing when we are thrown off balance and also knowing what we can do to regain our balance again.

I believe that we choose our experiences, the good and the not so good ones to grow ourselves further. Towards the end of the year, some experiences really taught me to be resilient and not to forget the beauty of life even there is even in challenging times.

Its easy to get caught up in thoughts and focus on the negative and we loose focus of positive things happening around us. If there is dark in the room, you can go and switch on the lights. Its only one decision away.

Part of self compassion is to let the feelings be heard, acknowledge the choosen experience, then decide what to do with it. Let a challenging experience help you for future experiences. During tough times especially its good to be able talk with people we truly trust. Also do your inner talk with yourselves, show empathy towards you like you would show to a friend who struggles.

Please don't judge yourself. Being kind and showing that compasion towards to yourself will move you forward.

For me especially during challenging times I am focusing on activivities that make me feel at peace and balanced. With an aligned feeling of balance the challenging situation can be seen from different angles.

Please always remember to show self compassion towards yourself in positive as well as challenging situations.

With love & light,



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