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Serendipity, I like this word and its meaning behind it a lot.

It means the gift of finding valuable or agreeable things not looked for.

I can feel those moments of serendipity but there is a strong relation with the intentions I make for myself. The intentions are set but I am open while listen to my heart and follow my intuition in the moment and it leads me to serendipity.

I feel we sometimes get too much caught up in trying to arrive at a certain destination, that we forget that life is a process. Goals are good to give you directions, but if it feels like only if I have achieved it I feel fulfilled, then think again. Every day in our life is different. We make choices that impact our lives, we learn and grow ourselves and we meet new people that enrichens our lives.

Every day is a new day.

So I set myself an intention (goal) that I wanted to achieve more balance in my heart. Lately I felt quite some turbulences in my heart, not coming to a calm and peaceful state that it’s usually in. So my goal was to feel more peaceful again, but I didn’t focus on the destination/goal but I trusted the processes that will lead me there.

I wanted to feel more peaceful soon, but also I couldn’t force myself about the way I feel is wrong. Accepting the current state was very helpful, I knew that feeling won’t last forever, but also I couldn’t quite put my finger around it how to feel more peaceful. All the tools that usually work, didn’t and I was about to get frustrated with myself for not knowing an answer to calm my heart.

So I decided to take it day by day.

When I did ask myself and there was no answer about what to do on the day, I focused on something else with the confidence that the inner guidance will work out. During this time I had the chance to go to one of my favorite places in Japan with beautiful ocean and nature. For me nature is always soothing to find the balance of my heart, mind and spirit.

I think that’s when serendipity happened, because when I least expected it my heart guided me. I followed my intuition and suddenly felt like “me” again, the usual feeling of calmness and peacefulness could be restored. It was like a big release of something I was holding onto and which wasn’t necessary anymore. It felt like I finally switched on the light and escaped that heavy feeling in my heart.

In this experience, it was really about trusting myself, accepting where I am, not pressuring to get to the outcome as soon as possible and let my guidance help me. It’s not how fast you arrive at your goal, I remember the story about the turtle and the rabbit. The turtle made it to the goal, even the rabbit is so much faster. So take your time in your process, there is no one else to compare it with. Trust your guidance and yourself during this time.

You will be amazed when you listening deeply in yourself, the answers are always dwelling within you.

With love & light, Sabine


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