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I noticed that when we less occupied with our thoughts and more attuned with our feelings in a harmonious and peaceful manner, we are able to observe more and notice our surroundings more.


The other day I went for a walk during my lunch break, close by the river. I didn’t think anything and was enjoying to look at the view.

My attention was caught by a white pigeon walking on the path a bit away from me. I was so stunned to see a white pigeon, once I got closer she/he was flying away.With the wind direction, I had a chance to walk besides the pigeon, while she/he was adjusting to fly against the wind. I was in awe to see this rare sighting in nature.

I decided not to let my thoughts take over, but to feel when I saw the pigeon flying. I felt a great sense of peace and freedom.Later I rationally tried to make sense about the meaning seeing a white pigeon and what it means to my life.


In a nutshell, when we are to busy thinking too much, we miss out enjoying what is around us.I felt that the white pigeon was a sign to keep on focusing on my inner peace that I felt during my trip away from Japan.


If I wouldn’t be open to look what is going on around me, I wouldn’t have noticed this beautiful encounter with nature.I am really grateful and it’s a good reminder to feel and be and not only get caught up in our thoughts.


Have you experienced something similar which made you appreciate that you saw signs that enrichened your life?

What is happening when you stop thinking for a while and notice your surroundings and your feelings?


Love & Light,



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