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Today embarks the first day of spring and it's a national holiday. The Cherry Blossoms are getting ready to bloom. Nature is awakening, so are we and change is in the air🌸

I embarked on some inside soul searching and also enjoyed my birthday in the beginning of March. Changes are happening outside but the most significant ones are the ones from within. Let me share a bit about inner changes and energy arising from what I experienced the last month.

First of all, we cannot expect others to change is the most important thing I have realized. Changes only happen if you want them to happen for your own good. If you are not happy with someone acting in a certain way, you have a choice, you either accept, change your perspective about it or turn away if it's something unacceptable to you. Don't waste your time convincing change in others but focus on your own self instead. Be the change you want to see in the world.

Quality over quantity, surround yourself with people that root for you, want you to be always the best version of yourself. It's not how many people you know but really those you know you can rely on if you need to talk and feel understood and empowered to grow into more.

Know that all is energy and it's a choice with whom you surround yourself with and what you focus on in your life. What's not suitable for you, don't chase it, accept and let go. Rather focus on what's nourishing yourself in your being and growth.

Don't hide but show your true colors, being your true self, sparkle and things are coming to you. New ideas, inspirations and you will encounter new meetings. You can create those too, when you are coming from your true, aligned self everything is possible.

Things are changing around me, partly because I want them to change. I have a tendency to loose myself and adjusting to my environment too much. I feel like a chameleon needing to adjust myself to my surrounding. There is no harm in showing my true colors and let them shine from within, being my authentic self in any situation.

So with those new awareness and ideas about life I will embark into spring. Showing my true colors and be proud for who I am, nevertheless what people may think.

What are some changes you have noticed lately about yourself? I would love to hear about your experiences.

Love & Light,



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