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“We do not have a fear of the unknown. What we fear is giving up the known.” -Anthony de Mello-


It takes courage to let go of the known and dive into what we don’t know yet, the unknown.

It’s a choice to decide whether to focus on something that we are uncertain of and don’t know the outcome yet. Trusting the process knowing it will be alright and you are following your intuition will support and enable to leave the safe harbor and embark on a journey to something new.


I am feeling very safe in my harbor (my circumstances), but recently I noticed it’s time to go on an adventure (change). It’s like taking a leap of faith, one step at a time trusting your inner compass navigating you throughout your journey. With your inner compass (intuition), you will receive guidance about what is best for you. Intuition can come in different forms, thoughts, feelings or outside hints like songs or overheard conversations etc..


Stepping out of the comfort zone, embarking on this journey to the unknown means to trust.

I had some great conversations with my friends lately about “TRUST”. Trusting the process of change, oneself and also others. Especially trusting about others, it takes courage to do so. We will rely on prior experiences and compare them unconsciously with that we know means what we have experienced.

But trusting someone we don’t know yet, is also trusting the unknown. Trusting means being vulnerable, being able to open up step by step. Thinking about this, I got the image of two people dancing, it might be rocky at first stepping on each other’s toes or it might be in sync right away, like you have always danced your whole life together. Eventually even you had a rocky start, you will get to know about the timing to take which step and you are able to move in sync. Two people come together with the intention to dance in sync, sometimes one person might lead a bit more so the other person can follow. It’s being in harmony along the way, helping and supporting each other on their unique journey in life. Trusting yourself will help to trust others too, you know you can always rely on yourself, without being depending on the help of others. But you trust that it’s okay be vulnerable towards the other person to open up and you share yourself with each other. It’s really a gift having those people in your life with whom you can share your thoughts and feelings openly without feeling judged and being in the present moment. 


I always somehow feared the unknown and unconsciously compared to what I have known. It’s really what the quote is saying that we have fear to give up what we know, only when we let go of that fear only then you will get to know what you don’t know yet.

Trusting that the unknown will be a rewarding experience. And once we have experienced it, the unknown will become known and it helps us to enrichen us. If you never try you never know what you have been missing! So it’s just a decision about making a step into the direction of the unknown. Also it comes along with a belief that always more is awaiting you in your life, the unknown will become the unknown. Then you step out of your comfort zone again, it’s a continuous cycle to enrichen your life by making new experiences.

Let’s take the leap of faith, trusting our intuition, embarking on the journey to something new (the unknown)! It might be scarier at it seems at first, but once you have decided to take that step, it will be very rewarding for sure.


These are some questions you can ask yourself during this process:

・What is that you are currently considering to embrace as an unknown?

・What does it take for you to make that leap of faith going ahead to take that first step?

・What is holding you back taking a step towards the unknown? 

・What is your intuition telling you along the way?


I am preparing myself stepping out of my comfort zone and heading towards the unknown!

Will share more about my experiences during this journey! I would be happy to hear from you how your journey is unfolding. 

With love & light,



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