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This will be my last blog post in 2023, also it was my last day surfing too.

I haven't really had much time to reflect on 2023 yet, but it was definitely a year of new challenges and new growth opportunities professionally and personally. For me taking on new challenges will lead me to be a better version of myself over and over again. It's exciting, for me life isn't about the final destination but about being in a process knowing there is always more available.

When I thought about today's blog, the name "waves" came up. For me waves are likes experiences. All waves are unique, there never will be one wave that is exactly the same. Waves comes in different forms and shapes and intensity too. I came across this quote: "Feelings are much like waves: we can't stop them from coming, but we can choose which one to surf." Jonatan Mårtensson

This quote made me realize that when we feel a certain way we can still choose what to do about it. You are the creator of your life and make the decision which waves to "surf" or in other words give your attention to. For me I am a very feeling person and especially in surfing I learnt to be more accepting about myself, knowing every time I am out there I am improving my skills and learning something new. It's an commitment to myself. As you know the ocean not only teaches me about surfing but is also my go go place to process feelings and situations that I experience in my life. I also learnt to be more conscious to where I focus my energy on, too.

Another big factor for me is learning about patience. I like to see results as soon as possible, but I got to remember that a plant starts as seeds and by nurturing and care it can flourish into a beautiful creature. It's a growth process. It's a good reminder, before getting frustrated. It's like you are walking on this beautiful path along the river, which I have done a lot this year, and you are too focused on going to point A that you cannot enjoy the surroundings and scenery. It makes the walk soo much more pleasant and I am surprised to make new discoveries. So sometimes slowing down and knowing you will arrive at your destination either way is really helpful. I am not attached to much to the outcome (means arrive at the destination), but really enjoy the process of getting there. The experiences let me see things from a different angle and gaining a different perspective.

I am really glad for all the experiences that have happened in 2023.

Just wanted to write the "good" and the "bad" ones and a thought slip my mind, who decides and labels what is good or bad, we do based on our beliefs and values. But would happen if we don't judge and say all experiences we gained has helped us to become the version we are today. We have learned something from any experiences. We may repeat certain experiences and some we wish we never experience again, but we have gained some new insights nevertheless.

This came to my mind for 2023, what is coming up for you reading this blog?

・What have you learned about yourself this year.

・What are some of the experiences that stood out for you?

・What are you grateful for?

I really wish that 2023 was a great year for you all!

Super excited for 2024, it will be a fabulous year, I can feel it.

Thank you always for those who are reading my blogs, I appreciate you. Hope that my sharing is inspiring and it will help you to reflect and feel deeper about yourself. I am sending lots of energy along your way. Have a great start into 2024, full of love light and waves (experiences).

Love & light,

Sabine P. S. Tears are streaming down my cheeks just now as I finished my blog, those are tears of joy. Thank you! 💗


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