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This blog is inspired by a wonderful soul connection recently established. We talked about how different people's personalities are, but still how connected we are when we are sharing common interests and experiences.

For me in life things happen for a reason.

We actively choose to attract certain experiences or people in our lives for different purposes.

Maybe not all the experiences we wanted to have are positive ones, but definitely we could learn or grow from what’s happened to us. It’s a choice to accept and/or let go of that experience.

For some experiences we don't have control over, or some aren't useful anymore, so we can let those go. There is no need to keep on re-living the same experience and dwelling in misery, it will prevents us from looking forward into the what's going on right now in the present moment.

For me, there is still an experience that I cannot quite let go of and includes fear. In the ocean I made a scary experience and my body has remembered it just too well, as it would be yesterday. I am still trying to convince my body to let go of that fear and focus on the present moment, but still somewhow I am holding onto it. I am working on it and every time I am in the ocean, I am filling up my confidence and and reduce my fear, but it takes time. I have made a conscious decision lately, that I am embrace that it takes time and taking it step by step. So about letting go, I know quite too well that it's easier said than done.

In our body we have different energy chakras and every part refers to a different color.

Also we are able to measure what color is surrounding our body, our "aura". We all a unique personalities and our unique colors shining through. We can also actively choose what color we would like to show to the world, our true essence.

It's interesting that around some people I feel comfortable enough to show my "true colors" and don't have to hide who I truly are. In some cases I do feel I need to adjust to my surroundings. I feel very happy when I can be myself and don't have to pretend that I am someone else.

For my surfing, I have decided that I don't care what other people might think about me, but accept where I am in my journey and be myself. I might not be the best surfer (yet), hahaha, but I shine all my passion and love for the ocean through. The most happy times is when I am in the ocean and I feel the healing power of nature and water. Even though my scary experience cannot take away that joy I feel, but I learned how to deal with it. I accept what I am able to do and little by little challenge myself to not let that fear overwhelm me but to feel confident, like I used to feel.

I am accepting but also challenging, because I know it’s not forever that I have to remain in a fearful state of mind, I am letting it go gradually.

I have decided, not to let fear or other people’s opinions/ expectations interfere with who I am. It’s a choice indeed to accept for who we are and let our "true colors" shine through in any situation in life. Be yourself, we will never really be able to get everyone’s approval, there will be always be people not accepting us for who we are. But that's okay, we can let go of those people and focus on the people that we feel a true connection and supportive vibe from, it’s all worth it. We are forming strong soul connections, it's not the quanity of people we know, but the quality of true connection and friendship that really is amazing. You will feel uplifted in those people's presence.

What are your experiences about being yourself, as well as accepting and letting go of experiences? When are you your true self, what is standing out for yourself? What do you feel, what is happening, are your colors changing depending on which person you are with?

Please notice your different feelings, as they are good indicators of understanding who you are and seeing your "true colors". Enjoy the journey of exploration, life is an adventure.

Lots of love & light,



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