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Catch the waves of your life - Conscious Awareness of Feelings

This is my first blog and I will share a bit about my passion that is fulfilling me in my free time. It is surfing. I am in Chiba almost every weekend to look out for some waves to catch. You may be wondering, what’s the reason that I started surfing. My first encounter with surfing was 14 years ago. I am forever grateful that I had this experience and evolved myself around surfing to feel so passionate about it.

When I am in the water, I feel blissful, at peace and in the flow. My whole focus is immersed in just feeling the power of the ocean forming waves. In this flow state, I am not thinking and just follow my intuition. The intuition is about deciding which wave to catch next. Every wave is different, and it takes a trained eye to judge which wave is surfable and which isn’t. For me the ocean represents an infinite depth, all you see in front of your eyes is water and horizon. Before I enter the ocean, I have the ritual to empty my mind, which means I leave everything that happened to me during the week on the beach. This happens in a short meditation while I observe and listen to the waves as they rhythmically roll to the shore. I shift from a head space to feeling mode.

“Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming but

we can choose which one to surf” by Jonatan Mårtensson

I resonate with this quote, not only from the perspective of surfing, but also with life. It all starts with a feeling and sometimes there is a reaction to what is happening in our surroundings. We can observe it further and listen in to ourselves. Where this feeling coming from and what is the meaning. After this initial exploration, I believe we have 2 choices we can make. Firstly, we can let that feeling go if it’s not serving us. Or secondly, we can accept that this feeling is happening and make peace with it and take it from there. We have made our decision, it’s not helpful to dwell on what if, but really focus on what we can create in our life.

I will share an experience that is emphasizing this. It happens to any surfer to get caught up in a current once in a while. I noticed the ocean’s energy and me drifting in a current. I started to panic, but soon remembered that it’s worthless and that I am only losing my strength. I accepted the situation and decided to stay calm. I remembered what my friend had explained to me what to do in a current.

As you can see I safely made it back to the beach. It was thanks to my fast observation and inner guidance to shift from fear to clarity what do next. I didn’t let myself dwell in a negative memory but transformed it into a valuable learning opportunity. I am grateful knowing that I can trust my feelings in challenging situations. On that certain day, after a bit of rest I got back on the horse, I mean my surfboard J And have been surfing ever since.

Based on my article, I would like to invite you with my questions to check the current situation in your life: What are waves in your life that you are currently feeling? When you are feeling flow, what is coming up for you, what is emerging in you? How do you control and shift your feelings as they occur?

I would be happy to hear from you about your insights.

Love & Light,



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