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New Beginnings

In Japan, April is the beginning of the new fiscal year and today is also when the cherry blossom is close to full bloom. Finally it feels like spring and I associate this season as the start of many new adventures to talk place outdoors in nature. So many beginnings are awaiting us. I think it's a good idea to take a step back once in a while and reflect on our lives, stop and stand still and review what is currently in your life and what you would like to have in your life more of. In these moments of reflection, I am focusing on the present and future. There is nothing that I can change about the past, but being a creator or better expressing it as the person who sits in the driving seat deciding the next destination. Reflections are not about judging yourself, but rather taking it as an opportunity to actively creating the life that you want to live. What is that you would you like to have more of, what is something that you can let go of? You don't have to let go, what it is it can be with you, but when you put your attention to what's next and possible it automatically shifts you in the mode of creation. It's a bit like writing a book, you can edit a chapter, rewrite it or let it be and not change anything at all. It's your choice, that's why regular reflections are so important.

I am thinking a lot about success lately, how do I define success in my private and personal live. What is important to me to feel my success`? I feel success in my health, I shifted my mind to have more exercise and doing it regularly gives me a great sense of success. It's not always about the big goals, but the small steps and efforts we are taking that leads to achievements. It's really the commitment to success and with one area that is going well, it also effects other parts of your live too. I am also imaging the best success for the people around me, I wish them well. It helps me to lift my own energy and to review and refocus on what's important for me and my success.

You can ask yourself what is that you would like to experience more of, what is your personal success looks like and imagine it it's already happening. It's really about what you are believing about yourself. Your actions are speaking words too. It reminds me of an experiment about how students were talking to rice in a glass cup. There were two cups, one cup the students said only positive things and the other cup the students had to give a hateful message. The rice which has received hateful messages turned out moldy and the rice which was receiving only good feedback was all well. So I would like to use this example to say, be careful on how you are talking to yourself. If you do positive self talk it will affect the way of your being.

So when doing reflections and thinking about present and future, do it in terms of positive self talk. You can neutrally think about what is going not well, but then take it as an opportunity to make it into a positive change if it something that catches your attention. It's not about "I am not good about ....?", so if you wish to become better think about how you can improve to be better about something that's on your mind. I wish spring will be full of new beginnings and experiences for you too. Rooting for your success and take your time to make plans about what chapter in your life, you would like to focus on, edit or rewrite or even delete. It's all about choice and you are the creator of your life. I am looking forward hearing more about it, please reach out to me to share.

Love & light,



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