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In recent coachings I am noticing a pattern about limited beliefs that people have about their personality. May it be from prior past experiences or it can be also from what people have said to us that left an imprint in what we believe about ourselves, regardless if its true or not.

What do I mean with limited beliefs, let me give you an example from my own experience. When I was in elementary school, my teacher made a comment about my drawing, that I still remember today. He was telling his opinion honestly but it left me with doubt about my ability and even by today I am puzzled and never seriously explored the idea of drawing again. I love to color already existing drawings, like Mandalas, but in my head I still have the belief that I cannot draw and its a long time ago. Its interesting how the mind can store those kind of information as memories.

Is there something that someone has shared with you, that was truly their opinion but it affected you in a negative way, like the example I shared? It's someone's perspective about us, but it can stuck with the mind. Also past experiences that were not positive might have lead to us believing we are not good at something and maybe have create a hesitation pursuing the experience.

It all starts being aware that those experiences or thoughts that we have are not defining us. We can start every day fresh and create the best experience we can imagine for ourselves without any limitations. I like to ask myself: "Anything is possible", "I can do this", "I have all it takes to tackle that situation" etc. Those are affirmations to remind me that I am not focusing on my unlimited thoughts but I focus on what I can do. It takes off the pressure too. Imagine you have a task to do, and you tell yourself you believing from past experience, that you are not able to accomplish the task well enough and you will start avoiding or procrastinate. A vicious cycle may start, the more you procrastinate the more you feel pressure and it feeds the belief that are you not good enough. I am inviting you now, to to reframe your perspective and change your mind about it. First of all, tell yourself this task is possible, I am capable of doing it and see how far you come. You will be surprised how shifting your focus will lead to feel more better and into results. Acknowledge yourself during, nobody is perfect and you are making progress. As I said you have a choice, you can listen to that negative voice or you can use an affirmation and channel your energy into everything is possible, rather than any limitations. With that mindset when you start the task you will feel a change in your being. You might still struggle while doing the task, but you have started and you are willing to continue and not let struggles let you down. Struggles can be seen from two perspectives too, limited belief would be I am not good enough and I knew this would happen or the unlimited belief is I will take on the new challenge and will embrace this new experience and learning that comes along with it. It makes us stronger and more resilient, we feel that we have accomplished something and we can challenge and grow from that experience.

It's really a choice what view you will take about yourself. Don't let past experiences define who you are now, we are always growing from our experiences and not the same person that we were yesterday. Embrace yourself today, look in the now and forward. We have learnt from the past experience, no need to relive it over and over and blame us for what we have done. What is done cannot be undone. So focusing on what you are able to do now is a big shift in your thinking.

Use positive affirmations, talking to yourself in the present tense, use "I am" sentences also help to channel into unlimited possibilities. I am good enough, I am successful...using general sentences will help you to raise your energy level and gets you started and nothing to stop you.

Let me get back to my example, I am good at drawing would be my affirmation to tell myself. I imagine myself being a master drawer and while focusing on that energy, I will do the best in my capability to do a drawing. It's the best I can do and I will acknowledge a work in progress. I might not get the best drawing on day 1, but I got interested in challenging that part of me, so I can tell myself it's okay you now how to do it.

What is something that you would like yourself to challenge about?

When you do this new challenge are limited beliefs holding you back from even getting started? Would be a good affirmation to tell yourself?

Can you sense a shift in energy and the feeling of unlimited possibilities are ahead of you?

Acknowledge where you are at, live is a progress, I know I am not the next Picasso, but I know that I have a sense for color and I enjoy art and challenge myself to drawings.

I would be happy to hear your stories on how you have challenged yourself and changed from feeling limited to unlimited. It's really making a choice in what to believe and what to focus on. Use those affirmations, I am... those are so powerful. I wish to hear from your experiences, drop me a message:

With love & light, Sabine


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