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Inner Guidance

I am lately tapping more into my inner guidance/wisdom, that is guiding me in my life.

You might be wondering what do I mean with inner guidance?

For me inner guidance comes from within yourself, it's your inner wisdom paired with intuition. Wisdom is more of a knowing, you feel it's right for you and intuition is considered an "instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning" (Oxford Dictionary).

You can use your inner guidance in every day living but also when making important decisions about your life. It's really important to being honest with yourself and recognize what wants to emerge. You can still ask people who you trust for advise, but I am suggesting you take your time to really listen to what you really want. We are all unique and no one in this world has the same unique experiences and beliefs that you have. When you ask people for guidance, it's more like that they will share based on what they know, mixed what they belief will be good for your situation. Don't get me wrong, asking for advise is a great guidance system, but at the end is it really aligned how you feel about a situation?

You may have noticed I am using the word feeling rather than thinking. We are thinking every day so much, but how are we feeling about a given situation is the key in inner guidance. Also when you listen to yourself focus on what you are feeling and not only observe your thoughts. Does this feel right, have your feelings changed about it?

When you practice your inner guidance, please bring yourself in a state of being without distraction. Here I would recommend to first quieten your mind, so you have more room to listen to the voices that are rather subtle. Now I invite you to ask yourself the question that you would like guidance on. Don't rush the process to get an answer, really listen and observe what is coming up for you. Please note that it might not be immediate, but it can be later in the day or days ahead. Be open to look without judgement about your inner guidance, trust that it is you who has the best intention for your life. I would also suggest to embrace all the aspects about you that may not directly be connected to the question you were asking. In this process, it's good to be honest with your feelings before proceeding with the actual decision.

You will feel when you are making the decision is right, it's an inner feeling of knowing and acceptance that this is what you wanted to do. And don't let yourself down when reactions are happening around you based on your decisions. You are in charge of what you feel and your inner guidance is creating more life for you to come.

People around you might have their reactions around your decisions, they may not be able to understand your reasoning and start questioning you. Please don't question yourself, your inner guidance never lets you down, you know the best what's good for you. And as I said before, people will look through their perspective, their experiences and beliefs, so it will be quite natural that there isn't the same understanding and please don't be too much attached to what people think.

There is another scenario, when I made a powerful decision that I got all the acceptance and support from my loved ones around me, even it was hard for them to understand my reasoning. What was different is that my decision was so clear and it came from the heart. They could feel how powerful that decision was for me and it was with so much clarity, that the only thing I could receive was understanding and support about it. I am still grateful for that experience as my life would have turned out so much different, it was really a life changing experience.

So your inner guidance is very powerful. So either there can be reactions or understanding from people around you, but I would like to encourage you to really trust and be confident in your inner guidance. You know what's best for you, then no one else will be able to grasp or understand. So be prepared for anything but also held your head up because you trusted your inner wisdom. Be confident for who you are, accept for who you are.

What are your experiences about inner guidance? How have they have impacted your life?

How do you think can your inner guidance support me you in your daily life?

With love & light,



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