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The Power of Heart

“Listen to the wind, it talks. Listen to the silence, it speaks. Listen to your heart, it knows.”

―Native American Proverb

I got inspired thinking about the heart lately through conversations with my dear friend and by going on a concert where I got deeply moved by the words of the artist and the songs performed touched my heart too. I had a laugh to myself at the end of the concert, among 8,000 people I must have been the only one crying and having goose bumps listening to some of the songs.

Lately I had a little battle with my heart and my head, leading to feel doubt and insecurity. I was too much focused on that sensation all built up in my head letting me quite feel down. It showed me again how strong the power of thoughts can be. How we are talking to ourselves is so important as they are influencing feelings and our perspective of the situation. We are focused on the story, what's happening, rather than setting the story aside and just listening to our heart instead. I love that quote above, that the heart knows and its true it knows from my experiences too. What are some of your experiences where you only listened to your heart?

Another thing is that we can only influence on how we feel about the situation, the story. We cannot change how others are perceiving the same experience, at doubt its best to ask to understand and without judging and trying to make sense through our mind. Understanding and feeling by hearing the answer is better than making up unnecessary scenarios. In coaching we are concentrating on the person and not on their story, which means what ever is the topic they are sharing in the coaching session. So concentrating on the person means we are looking for their thoughts, their beliefs, their feelings instead of getting lost in what has happened. Its interesting how its more easier to do that of another person instead of oneself. I got a reminder lately that I shall focus on my heart and not the story that has created my difficult thoughts in the first place. Its really coming back to the heart and listening what's going on deep inside of us. The mind is trying to make sense focusing on past experiences, but the heart has the possibility to be open and to create new feelings and sensations. I no longer feel doubt but feel more peace in my heart, also I never felt ashamed crying through the concert, because its my unique way of feeling and tears come along with it. I am embracing more who I am and understand to listen to more to my heart. What are situations where you have decided to listen to your heart instead of your thoughts? What have you learnt about yourself in that moments? Take a minute and listening to your heart right now, what is it telling you? Mine is telling me. "Everything is okay. You are great the way you are, embrace yourself!" I can only recommend to let go of story and truly feeling and listening to what your heart is telling you. Please give it a try and see what's coming up for you. Sending lots of love to all of you,



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